A Word From Ross Zimmerman

I hope everyone enjoyed the TMC GMT Half Marathon and 5K on Sunday Oct. 9th. Kelly O’Brien, Gabe Zimmerman’s fiancee, and I ran the half marathon together. We liked the course a lot and decided Gabe would have liked it, too.

The course passed several places that held memories of Gabe for both of us. That added to the day. Our family and friends had very good experiences as well. The run and the day were a fitting celebration of the life of Gabe Zimmerman and the others dear to us we’ve lost this year. This was a proactive, positive way to promote personal and societal physical and mental health. Gabe the social worker would have enthusiastically approved. Randy Accetta, Julia Strange, and the myriad of folks who helped make this event and the previous two events in the Gabe Z Triple Crown successes have my appreciation and thanks. We hope this series will continue.

One of the things I’ve learned since Gabe’s passing is how many other people I know and have met who have been touched by the loss of loved ones before their times. Unfortunately, far too many suffer or perish due to the diseases of overweight, inactivity, and substance abuse, not violence or accident. There are some things we can do to reduce the risks of violence or accident. Much more can be accomplished, by taking care of your loved ones and yourself with a positive, active, healthy life. That gives you and them better lives and better relationships. On our way home, Kelly reminded me of a bike ride she, Gabe, and I did together. Up a steep hill, he raced me to the point of stomach upset (and beyond…), all in good fun. Gabe and I had many, many active adventures together. I will treasure those until the end of my life, and that’s a comfort. Go have adventures with your loved ones as well.