Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown

The three-race series commemorates Gabe Zimmerman, a Tucson native who lost his life in the January 2011 shooting here in Tucson. As we all know, running shows us the power within ourselves. If we can walk or run three miles on a hot summer night, the ups and downs of daily life are certainly manageable.  If we can climb A-Mountain, we can rise to our other challenges.  Our goal is to celebrate Gabe and motivate the community to aspire to individual and collective greatness – to work alone and work with others towards those goals we find valuable.  To celebrate living, community, and good will.  To live with love, to live with passion to chase dreams. 

Click here to sign up for the 2024 Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown and get these benefits:

>  Registration to Saturday night, June 1 Meet Me Downtown 5k Run/Walk and 1-Mile, including blue souvenir race shirt – staged in Downtown Tucson

>  Registration to the Sunday morning, September 8th TMC Tucson 10k and 5k, including souvenir race shirt and commemorative finisher’s medal – staged at Pima Community College West, in the Tucson Mountains

>  Registration to the Sunday morning October 20th TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon and A-Mountain 4-Miler, including souvenir race shirt and commemorative finishers medal – staged in the west side of Downtown Tucson at the Mercado Annex

>  The colorful bright pink 2024 Run Tucson Triple Crown t-shirt in women’s and unisex cut.

>  The unique “Gabe Z” Meet Me Downtown medallion, with stained glass artwork representing the colors of historic Downtown Tucson

About Gabe Zimmerman

A Tucson native, Gabe Zimmerman lost his life in the January 2011 shooting of U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords here in Tucson. Others murdered include Christina Taylor Green, Dorothy “Dot” Morris, Judge John Roll, Phyllis Scheck, and Dorwin Stoddard. Gabe was murdered doing what he was best at: supporting his community, trying to make it a better place for everyone, regardless of their politics or their backgrounds. From the Gabe Zimmerman Davison Canyon Trailhead to the Gabe Zimmerman Meeting Room at the U.S. Capital, Gabe’s presence will forever be a part of our community. We are grateful to Ross Zimmerman and Julia Strange at Tucson Medical Center for developing the concept of the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown – and we’re thankful to the Arizona Daily Star and Caliente for helping implement it. Gabe’s whole family has been devoted to fitness, running, and the Arizona outdoors – thus, we are honored to be able to celebrate the spirit of Gabe and highlight the possibilities for Tucson through the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown.

Each year from 2011-2016, $10 from each Triple Crown entry was donated to Gabe’s favorite non-profit, Child and Family Resources. Additional Tucson-based organizations also received a portion of the proceeds from the individual events. All total, over $100,000 has been donated due to your efforts.

Since 2017, the Triple Crown has donated $10 from each entry to the BEYOND Foundation, offering a unique Rx health formula emphasizing four key pillars that supports optimum physical and mental health:

EXPLORE: Getting outdoors and spending time in nature;
MOVE: Engaging in regular physical activity;
NOURISH: Eating healthy foods; and
CONNECT: Connecting with one another as a community.

These four key pillars support the basis of BEYOND’s mission. Along with its partners, BEYOND provides year-round opportunities for the public to participate in a series of healthy activities and to learn more about the scientific research that shows why these four pillars are critical for optimal physical and mental health.

Words from Ross Zimmerman

When Randy Accetta [formerly] of SAR and Julia Strange of TMC approached us with the idea of the Gabe Zimmerman Triple Crown, we were touched and appreciative. This is the sixth year, time for some reflection. Like Beyond, I’d like to see the GZ Triple take on a life of it’s own, not just exist as an echo of loss.

I’m sure there are various reasons why people sign up for the GZ Triple. Some of us knew and loved Gabe. Many perhaps because it’s a good deal for three excellent races, the party-run Downtown 5K, the iconic Saguaro Loop 8 miler, and the heart-of-the-Old-Pueblo Get Moving Half Marathon. The longer runs have 5K options to help more of us participate, not just the lean and hungry front runners. Regardless of your motivation, it’s a good focus and supports the good works of the prevention oriented Child and Family Resources social service agency.

I hope the GZ Triple Crown continues indefinitely. I hope you’ll take a few minutes, whether you knew Gabe or not, to reflect on the loved ones around you. Some still present, some only living on in memories. You’re lucky to be here in an extraordinary place, moving forward together. Thank you for coming out.

Ross Z