2011 TMC Get Moving Tucson Post-Race

We’ll have a full race summary at some point, but for now please accept our appreciation for doing the Get Moving Tucson Half-Marathon and 5k. Over 1,000 folks registered for the half-marathon and about 500 registered for the 5k. Results can be found here.

Race Photos: You can see some great race photos at www.photos.daronshade.com. Photos are from the 3.5 mile mark on A-Mountain and then at the 10-mile mar, so search for your picture. You can purchase reprints in all sizes, including a digital image.

Age-Group Awards: Age-group awards are three-deep in five-year categories—if you received an age-group prize but missed the awards ceremony, please visit The Running Shop to pick up your prize.

Triple Crown: Please remember that only those who specifically registered for the Triple Crown and completed all three events are due to receive the special finisher’s award. If you did not pick up your personalized sandstone at the race, they are now at The Running Shop (3055 North Campbell), arranged in first-name alphabetical order. Somehow, about 60 awards disappeared on race day,so we are re-printing all of those on new sandstones. Frankly, it’s a great mystery to us—there is no rhyme or reason to the order of the missing, so we think others just picked one up, not realizing that they are personalized and only for Triple Crown participants. We’re ordering reprints from our friends at Tucson Trophy, and they should be at The Running Shop within a week or so. Give us a couple of days to get through the details, but if you still have questions, contact Race Director Randy Accetta.

Volunteers: Thank you to the over 125 volunteers who helped with the event—Saguaro High School Cross Country, St. Augustine High School Cross Country, the UA’s Delta Sigma Pi and AKPsi business fraternities, Neighbor’s For Justice, and all the SAR volunteers at packet pick-up and on race day: Steve and Sheryl
Melody Bailey
Gary Giese
Janet Holland
Robin Gerard
Kathi Hanley
Eve Shapiro
Marc Janis
Sandy White
Diane Hagan
Gina Slaby
Leo Richard
Connie Lopez
Dennis Richards
Kim Fernandez
Judy Lewis
Peggy Marner
Mindy Creed
Maria Isabel Diaz
Jocie Riley
Sue Abramson

Again, a hearty thank you to all the participants, friends, family, sponsors, partners and volunteers!!!