2012 Race Report for TMC Get Moving Tucson Events

Click here for a race report on the TMC Get Moving Tucson Event, including the TMC A-Mountain Half-Marathon, the Tucson Lifestyle 5k, and the Cox Charities One Miler.

Click Here for Souvenir Photos: Thanks to PRPhotos from Houston, Texas and local photographer Paul Konecny you can find about 4,000 souvenir photos at pr.photos.com. The photos in the race report are samples of their great work. Search by bib number or by race, or simply look through all the great photos—find the ones you want and create a lifetime memory of your TMC Get Moving Tucson weekend. Please note that I totally forgot to include Gary Denny in the race report thank you to volunteers—former SAR President Gary Denny dropped off water stations, pitched in where needed, and was a great help! Thanks Gary!