Daves Run for ALS 2023 Race Recap

Dave’s Run for ALS 2023 Race Recap

Today’s running of Dave’s Run for ALS was a tough one for the runners thanks to the wind which was mostly into the runners for the last 1.5 miles of the 5K and for about 3 miles in the middle of the 10K.

The 5K top 3 men were Zachary Stewart (17:26), Jose Delgado (17:36), and Todd Kornfeld (17:37). The men’s master’s crown was won by Robert Rezetko (18:23). On the women’s side the top 3 spots were Jori Galles (17:55), Billie Lubis (19:41), and Sharon Silvas (20:07). Pulling Sharon out of the Master’s category meant the crown there went to Janet Holland in an impressive (21:51).

In the 10K the top 3 men were Max Miller in a smoking time of 34:10, Jason Kyle (37:47), and Jose Delgado (38:51). The men’s master’s title was taken by Robert Rezetko in 39:02. The top 3 women were Tara Bruce (45:19), Marjanne Magana (47:30), and Erin Geyer (47:45). The women’s master’s winner was Debra Lazar in a time of 48:40.

Almost 50 kids took part in the FitKidz mile. Boys overall was Jaime Gamino (6:55), Ian Hinajos (6:56) and Orlando Guerrero Gamino (7:35). Girls overall was Finley Johnson, who was also 3rd overall (7:00), Leilani Flores (7:37) and Isabell Laforge (8:09). 

Congrats to all the winners and all of those that toed the starting line, particularly the Team Hoyt athletes!!!!

A huge thank you to our sponsors, the Running Shop, Smith Performance Center, Tucson Medical Center, the Damion Alexander Team, and eegees.

A big thank you also to Pima County for allowing us to have the event at Curtis Park.

And, of course, huge kudos to our volunteer team. I’m sure I will miss some people but here goes:  Michael Van, Kelly Mack Outridge, Christine Outridge, Gary Parcher, Dave Dixon, David Schneider, Janet Holland, Michelle Hawk, Chris Fall, Connie Lopez, Amy Pugliese, Doreen Davis, Erik Sanders, Ray Henson, Glen Macrae, Caroline Gardiner, Lucas Tyler, Denise Fall, Trevor Davenport, Steve Sheldon, Joe Plassmann, Jen Garcia, Noemi Mills, Maureen Cunningham, Billie Lubis, Gary Giese, Merry Dearmon Moore, Dr. Stephen Moore, Tasha Quintanilla, Traycee Valentin, and Kristin Fitzharris.

Thanks so much to all for helping SAR to raise funds in the fight against ALS in memory of David Filer. We truly appreciate all of you!

We have to go back and see where the team registration counts ended up, there was a very close race between 3 or 4 teams. The largest team will be contacted and will win the $150 eegees gift card!!

Some photos have been posted to the SAR Facebook page and some more photos will be coming shortly

Until next year!

Steve Outridge

RD, Dave’ Run for ALS

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