Spirit of Rob Bell Award

In August 2000, Rob Bell, an avid and middle-of-the-pack runner in Southern Arizona, passed away during a workout. Rob was a kind and soft-spoken man who loved to run and to race. He was always aware of the successes of other runners and celebrated that alongside them. In his memory, an award was created with the support of two individuals who embody this same spirit of camaraderie, passion for the sport and kindness to others.

Over the years, there have been a growing number of nominations. Because of this, SAR has updated and expanded the award to recognize a nominee chosen by the SAR board and a nominee that is chosen by the southern Arizona running and walking community.  Community voting is now open, please click here to vote, voting closes on January 28, 2024.  Please vote only once. 

Submitting Nominations

Nominations for the Spirit of Rob Bell Award for 2024 will be accepted soon! Nominations should include the following information:  the name of the person being nominated, a description of how this person embodies the spirit of Rob Bell, and the name of the person submitting the nomination.

The SAR board will review the nominations, tally up the votes for the community choice winner (voting now open through January 28, 2024, click here to vote once), vote on a SAR board winner, and then announce both winners at the annual SAR members celebration in February!

Award winners will receive the following:

  1. Free entries to all SAR races for one year;
  2. Free SAR membership for one year;
  3. A commemorative plaque and prizes totaling approximately $150 in retail value

Previous Winners

  • 2023: Donna McMordie & Brandy Dujmic
  • 2022: Autumn Bell & Kelly Thrush
  • 2019: Steve Sheldon, Denise King & Steve King
  • 2018: Noemi Mills & Sharon Silvas
  • 2017: Jeri Baker & Geoff Schmidt
  • 2016: Matt Frantz & Marti Ackerman
  • 2015: Anna Carr & Shokofeh Motlagh
  • 2014: Leo Richard
  • 2013: Michelle Hawk
  • 2012: Kamran Talattof
  • 2011: Benito Gonzalez
  • 2010: Craig Dabler
  • 2009: Jolene Jones
  • 2008: Gerry and Sully Sullivan
  • 2007: Elisa Kinder
  • 2006: Michele and Dave Hill
  • 2005: Dorothy Wilhelmson
  • 2004: Rick Fenno
  • 2003: Jennifer Argraves
  • 2002: William Chapdelain
  • 2001: Connie Lopez